Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In a pursuit of strength, fear almost always causes ailment rather than augmentation. Even when it causes augmentation, perhaps by showing one limits to what one can do and causing one to focus on where one is better served, the fact that fear is what causes this recognition is a failing since fear is an abject experiencing of weakness. One should rationally search out limits and do so seeking strength, and to do so mincingly is absurd. Caution is fine, as one should not take a risk without adequate possible benefits, but one should be free to try for benefits without fears, as the benefits will not be deserved with fear in the process.

Fear of death is of utmost folly. It does not demonstrate worth of or make us appreciate life, nor make it more solemn nor sacred. While it imiplies a greater desire for life, it seems to imply less worth of that life as well. Instead of valuing it as one spends time, wallowing in abject despair over what might or perhaps almost come to be is a far stupider choice. Caution, again, is fine, as one should take steps to protect one's life, but do so in a paranoid manner is insane. One ought to strive forth nobly!

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