Saturday, August 8, 2009


I think I wrote this a while ago, so I have no idea about the quality...

What can one do when one discovers that life is pointless? The basic responses are probably some form of misery and despair, often accompanied by a certain self-destructiveness, or an attempt to find some reason that it is okay to live despite the fact that life is ultimately pointless.

The argument that life is pointless is pretty easy to figure out. We live, often poorly, and then we die an ignoble death. We all shit, piss, cough, hiccup, and generally are not capable of anything incredible. Even if one is incredible and decides that their remedy to life's pointlessness is to leave some legacy or to accomplish something, very few will understand their accomplishments well, and many not at all.

Despair is an appropriate response to this, and so is suicide. An inappropriate response is religion, which serves only to fool men and give them a false sense of purpose. Purpose?! Stripping oneself of sensibilities and living life telling others to do the same is purpose? Not at all.

Despite saying all this, I do not think that any of those are appropriate responses. There are so many ways that one can find pleasure in life that it utterly exceeds that which brings us displeasure, at least when are minds and bodies are fit and sound. I think that the proper response is thus to throw oneself into that pleasure in the most selfish, wholehearted way possible, whether it is just a way to "waste time," whether it is a pursuit, or anything that it may be.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In a pursuit of strength, fear almost always causes ailment rather than augmentation. Even when it causes augmentation, perhaps by showing one limits to what one can do and causing one to focus on where one is better served, the fact that fear is what causes this recognition is a failing since fear is an abject experiencing of weakness. One should rationally search out limits and do so seeking strength, and to do so mincingly is absurd. Caution is fine, as one should not take a risk without adequate possible benefits, but one should be free to try for benefits without fears, as the benefits will not be deserved with fear in the process.

Fear of death is of utmost folly. It does not demonstrate worth of or make us appreciate life, nor make it more solemn nor sacred. While it imiplies a greater desire for life, it seems to imply less worth of that life as well. Instead of valuing it as one spends time, wallowing in abject despair over what might or perhaps almost come to be is a far stupider choice. Caution, again, is fine, as one should take steps to protect one's life, but do so in a paranoid manner is insane. One ought to strive forth nobly!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The "I voted" sticker plague is a terrible way for people to look at the nature of voting. This masturbatory self-congratulation demonstrates values that make us not vote as a nation. The idea that voting is some special event (not that it is not a privelege) instead of the common outcome/tool of democracy that it is creates a mindset where voting also is a burden instead of a privelege, where the person voting feels like what they are doing is a service to others that they should be lauded for enacting.

Additionally, anyone who brags verbally about whom they voted for is generally deluded about the process. Politics is not only a mess, but also such a corrupting agent that it is nearly impossible for any candidate to be a savior (see: Obama, who has disappointed us severely on human rights issues). In this lobbyist fueled system we live in, special interests are catered to rampantly, and most candidates cannot resist the allure whether consciously or subconsciously.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Sabbath, and the Word was metal. Metal's prophet, Ozzy Osbourne, pondered long and heard how best to bring the metal to the masses. One day through dream did it hearken unto him: "MY child, you must shod yourself with a mighty axe, rollicking thunder, and turn the amp up to 11!" Verily, Ozzy did comply, and the Word was good.
Upon hearing the music, the people were shocked and became calamitous. Ozzy Osbourne was pleased, as an inherent tenet of Metal is to not give a fuck. He was so pleased that he shot two hits of cocaine.
The elders of the Western World were greatly concerned. They did not know what an "Iron Man" was, but they knew the sound was music of dark gods, and lo did they gnash their teeth and rent their clothes asunder.
Other bands came aboard the locomotive force of distortion and brash vocals, and thus was Metal borne on the waves of epic destruction.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Why do people insist that the "greatest trick Satan ever pulled" was to convince people he does not exist? Believing God does not exist is the belief that sends one to hell rather than anything to do with Satan.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Proves God, If He Exists, Is a Jackass

I am going to compile a list that prove that if a singular God/God-Trinity/whatever exists, then he is a jackass, and if multiple exist, then at least one is a jackass:

1) Ladies growing mustaches
2) The greatest gaming system ever, the magnificent Dreamcast, failing so drastically.
3) Mother's Cookies went out of business. D:
4) Women wearing nail polish, thinking they actually look glamorous and so cutely colorful, and expecting men to worship this eloquent adornment of theirs when actually it looks like a cat puked strange colors on their nails.
5) Women being accused of being "subconsciously predisposed to being raped" for being violated by callous, craven men.
6) Forcing children to dress up like they are upper class, medieval citizens. When it is mandatory it is child abuse and should be considered utterly outrageous.
7) Pretty much all 'morally offensive' hip-hop lyrics, not because of the wrongs they may or may not espouse, but because of the fact people rock the fuck out to these oft terrible ideas.
8) Ratty ass, blonde dye jobs. If I wanted to look at hay all the time, then I would be working as a farmhand.
9) Women counting out change at counters to pay for goods and services and wasting their time and my time. Welcome to 1950, jackasses.
10) Condoms on strap ons in lesbian porn, a gross turn off if ever I saw one (if you do not know which application of gross I mean there, then you are pretty grossly stupid).
11) Gum on the bottom of desks.