Saturday, December 6, 2008

Principled Ideology

I believe strongly in being principled, as one must have an ideology that is actually applied consistently and systematically rather than at whim. If one applies one's ideology at whim, then it becomes surplusage, which certainly seems to make it rather pointless. Most people, however, compromise their principles in many situations. They do not 'talk back' to professors, teachers; they curse at their brothers and sisters and not at their moms. This is cowardice and anyone who is principled should not do it, yet most all people do. that is not to say there is anything wrong with going from coarse conversation to refined, pragmatic conversation for the purposes of formalization. When eloquence is required, it is nonsense not to change one's rhetoric to be more suitable for an actually important task or argument. To do it out of cowardice, fear, et cetera, however, is despicable and unprincipled.

I go through all this to point out the one place I will compromise most of my principles: for beautiful women. I will do almost anything for a woman that I would not normally do. I will not do this for fat women, ugly women, or men no matter what. The two reasons are the desire for an any means to achieve an end argument and an efficiency argument both.
First, I want to discuss efficiency since it is actually more rational. I know what brings my pleasure, so it makes sense to do what brings me that pleasure. The aspects of people that bring me pleasure are intelligence and the beauty of women. The sad fact of the world is that beauty is less rare than intelligence. If intelligence is rarer though, then it might make sense that what I have to compromise for is intelligence rather than beauty. The reason that the opposite of this happens is that the stupdier one is, the more likely one is to be offended by something inoffensive or to be impatient or to be proud or overexpectant in insensible ways. Certainly, many intelligent people are haughty and hasty, but they generally do so in a more pragmatic manner of for more complex and suitable reason that do not be catered to. So, to bring about a maximization of pleasure, I compromise many of my principles, but still in a systematic way (I will not suck a dick for a woman to stay in her company, but I will open doors for her). A bonus is that intelligence may respect my strange principles and the tenacity it takes to adhere to such an ideology and thus make it even easier for me to enjoy the other person's intelligence. To maximize the presence of both in my life, this course of action is required.

Now, to take it beyond just the presence of beauty to the actual act of fucking, that is where the any means to an end comes into play. Fucking a beautiful, fit woman is nothing like fucking a fat or less beautiful woman, or at least not if one is sane! Furthermore, at least for me, the greatest pleasure in life is to fuck. Not using any rational, low cost means to achieve the end of sleeping with beautiful, fit women, and possibly even such that are also intelligent, the greatest combination of pleasure, would be not only irrational but more costly than the low cost means I am using. While it is not great to have to accomadate a person, it is worth the benefits in every way. So those are the two arguments for why I am principledly unprincipled.

(I also in general will use any means to an end in life, so I do compromise my beliefs in a manner that could be construed as unprincipled in other arenas in life, but that is not so because one MUST compromise sometimes. It is not like with women where it is not really a compromise, but rather a total capitulation, and I only utilize it when I absolutely must. I will not stop cursing unless it is at a worthwhile job, for instance; it would not be out of fear, or whatever else, but rather to keep the enjoyable environment I would be in. In general, weighing the costs is my approach to a means to an end type of mindset, and other than when the cost of not compromising is very high, I do not do so, except when I capitulate completely for women for any shot at beauty.)


Anonymous said...

[11:13] <@CaptKirby> I will sacrifire dignity for women


zactly said...

i agree

nothing like some good fuck with a fitted women