Monday, November 3, 2008


This is from September...way late haha

There is a type of lie that I did not address before which is the need to maintain a false appearance, to project a false personality or temperament. This is the result of a false pride or propriety (what is demanded by society). This imputes a strong sense of shame in both not putting on these airs or in failing to uphold them, both terrible states of affairs since it involves catering to people and denying oneself. Everyone seems to regard shame and embarrassment as natural occurrences, and, furthermore, a useful way to keep oneself from engaging in activities from which shame might (or, typically, logically should) ensue. Certainly, the logic that activities which are shameful must be bad or wrong, or shame would not come about, is false. Everyone creates one's own idea of what is shameful (though usually influenced by others), so there can be no universal activities that should cause shame. The distinction that I want to draw is that shame is created and embarrassment is reasonable and natural. Shame is an illogically strong sensation brought about by the thought that one has done some sort of gravely, probably sinfully, wrong act and that one ought to feel terribly awful, whereas embarrassment is just a natural acknowledgment of mistakes or what seemed once proper but now seems foolish. I am angry when I am stupid, which is a form of embarrassment, but there is no shame; there is no deep seated feeling that I have offended the natural order of the world, or what is good and proper, or that I have sinned and should feel some grave queasiness, but I do feel embarrassment!

The reason that I make this distinction is that shame is wrong to ever feel. The first reason for this is that abhorrent moral ubiquity, mostly religious, which perversely pervades and taints how most approach shame. Another distinction must be made between guilt and shame here. Guilt is typically a sensation resulting from a sense of having done something wrong which has not been discovered. Shame is typically a sensation evoked by a wrong that has been discovered. For instance, being caught lying. The supposedly immoral act is lying, and thus one feels shame due to being caught. The reason the shame is ill-founded is that one ought to either lie or not and stand by the choice; even if one lied feeling it was wrong, when he or she is caught, it is illogical to feel compunction over a choice made under free will. To feel shame in this manner is clearly a weakness and fallacy. For most people, one never even bothers to reason this out, but rather lie, believe it is a violation of proper morality, ignore that it is a violation because of some pressing want, and then feel bad later to make up for this badness. Feeling negativity over morality of a Christian basis is just foolhardy brainwashing, so much shame is brainwashing in this regard.

The second reason it is wrong is when it serves only to compliment vanity. One must feel proper shame for the splendor and grandeur of their lives, but just a tad! This is asinine and an utterly artificial creation.

The third reason is that it fosters and intermingles weakness and ignorance. A logical result of feeling shame is to not act the same way in a similar situation in the future, often to not make the choice that one wants to make. This is just a lack of conviction or ability to act in general. Even worse, people often dumb down their decision making processes due to the excuse of shame.


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