Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, buses by nature, of course, end up coming more erratically than scheduled. Today the wait was longer than usual, so the number of people about doubled by the time the bus pulled up (about 50 people, enough it will be jam packed and many will have to stand, generally uncomfortable, et cetera). So with about half of those people on the bus, another one, same route, pulls up. I turn around instantly and head toward it, and even try to point out to people 'there is another bus...' and stop trying after being emphatically ignored. After a grand total of one other person gets on, the bus takes off more quickly than the other, which the operator has to be more careful in pulling out since there are so many people jammed in. What this says to people is that they are both extreme conformists within systems or that they are lazy or probably both for most of these people.

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