Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Suicide ought to be held as an inherent and basic human right of all people. The concept that all life is precious is absurd, as life is transparently some mixture of preciousness and utterly atrocious and terrible matters. Furthermore, we are not born into this world by any choice of our own, so we have every right to remove ourselves. Now, I am not writing this post because I am suicidal; I enjoy living life because it is so much fun to think, even if other matters were to go wrong from here on out. I am writing this post because this nation we live in so insanely and errantly condemns and demonizes it.

There are a few basic types of suicides. First there are those that are suicides of the weak. The worst are the type where a young child who went through a breakup (often of a few months) decides life is just too tough, or a child does not like his or her parent's rules (remember the kid who killed himself over not being allowed to play the Wii?). These people are worthless, at least at the time they kill themselves, and thus the world is, at least at that point, BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM. Any type of lover's death because of fear of ostracization from society, from not being allowed to and being unwilling to run away, et cetera, are people who are utter cowards and if they want to commit suicide a la Romeo and Juliet then good riddance. Another weak type are those who enjoyed living but became destitute, and those deaths are very rational, and the weakness, though maybe their fault, certainly provides ample impetus to commit suicide. Cripples also certainly have ample impetus to commit suicide, as they are cursed with some inexorable weakness, and their death is not one due necessarily to a cowardly or fearful death, and they might not even be worthless (although some cripples certainly are), they might just merely be tired of living with such a constraint. I am sure there are other weak types, but I would like to move onward to the strong who commit suicide, who commit noble suicides.

Noble suicides are multifaceted and praiseworthy. To commit suicide for a genuine cause, especially against a tyrannical government, is commendable. To commit suicide for some vast failing of 'honor' is also fairly noble and commendable. Committing suicide due to a feeling of letting down a boss or a group or a lover, however, is absurd and ignoble (this gets complicated when discussing whether how they let them down deals with honor, but for now, I am assuming it was something that was not that dishonorable). A suicide because one finds the world tyrannical, unjust, unchangeable, or even mayhap insuperable is also commendable, though not if done with feelings of cowardice and fear. Of course, none of us can certainly judge if fear or cowardice is involved, so it is a little more impossible (unless writings elucidate for us) to tell if the person committed a noble or ignoble suicide in this case.


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