Friday, September 19, 2008


The greatest problem of most religions is how oppressive they are. As arbiters of good and evil, they must necessarily vehemently state what is right or wrong. Forget that most issues of debate over what are good or evil are all but impossible to decide with certainty, and that most situations leading to 'evil' actions are complex, or that everyone has differing views of what is good or evil about most issues, or at least to what degree something is so. What is important is that in declaring what is right and wrong so stringently, claiming a spiritual authority to back their assertion up, which is often more about lending legitimacy to a code of oppressive morality than actually celebrating any principle of holiness or holiness vested in some god or God or gods, they make you an enemy of this spiritual authority; you become an emphatic and terrible 'sinner', a terrorist against the greatest holiness imaginable, and in doing such you are clearly led astray, idiotic, depraved, or even maybe insane. Forget that there are competing claims among all these spiritual authorities, no, what is important is that the problem is them declaring you an enemy of spirituality, of the supposed splendor of life which springs from this probably imaginary spirituality. What proof is there of a soul? I find that a person thinks spirituality is what it is because they go to these mass gatherings, or in private more rarely, force themselves to euphoria out of such a desperate desire or 'need' for this euphoria and, upon finding this euphoria has occurred, declare it a miracle, a meeting with some god or gods or God; they declare that they have been enlightened and overcome these urges which must be oppressed. Now, I understand my view of the soul conflicts with that of ordinary people, since they like fooling themselves into euphoria, so let us move on to a point that anyone can actually agree on, which is that religion oppresses that which is natural and right. The morality in any oppressive religion uses as its complete proof that 'evil' actions cause negative consequences, and this alone is plenty to suffice. What of the positive consequences? Well, anything with only positive consequences must be good, and anything with even a little bad is bad, right? Nonsense! Giving to the poor turns out to be a mistake if you end up short of a little cash later on. Lust is a great if it leads to 'true love' (not that anyone can define true love for everyone, this is different for everyone, and lust surely plays a huge role in it: equal parts lust, a constant desire to ravish one's partner is important, as well as an intellectual connection, but I digress). Pride fuels ambition, commonly, which fuels almost all of the innovation and other great acts in our world. Yet these are evil! It is ridiculous and absurd folly. Saying whatever you please and randomly affixing a spiritual authority to back it up is not proof at all.

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