Monday, September 8, 2008


I would like to start by exploring the fact that humans have only two faculties in which they can improve their lives, which are their bodies and their minds. The mind formulates ideas, reactions to various stimuli basically, and the body is the only tool with which to express ideas, unless one wants to endlessly monologue within one's mind. Astonishingly and regrettably, many people continue to ignore a cultivation of the mind, the body, or most incredibly both. I am not saying that one must work out to the point of being superbly chiseled; rather, one ought to work out to the point that one has a fit enough body to move easily and have good health, even if one absolutely hates physical activity. Whatever reason one finds to do any physical work, whether for increased vigor, for the excited feeling many get when working out, for the strength, all are valid reasons to be celebrated. I, of course, do not want to assign just physical value to laziness; one ought every day to exercise the mind at least for a good portion of the day. Playing a lot of video games or goofing off is no crime, but to do so to the point one never really thinks much at all is such egregious folly so as to be criminal to oneself.

I would like to next argue that this lack of cultivation is essentially what we call laziness. While many people incorrectly assign laziness to something such as not doing a job as well as one is supposed to, that is simply untrue if the job is so utterly unstimulating or truly worthless to oneself, although I am of course not saying it could not be an indication of laziness depending on circumstances. Living in continued routine without ever indulging one's facilities to think or move in any meaningful manner is where true laziness might be found.

Closemindedness could decidedly be thought of as the decision to reject something blasely while barely knowing what you are rejecting. Often, this is derided because one rejects something that is so universally hailed. This is insanity at its zenith. If one ignores one's various desiderata, especially when one already is well aware of what he or she actually likes, then one will most likely retard oneself by indulging in something that he or she has good reason to reject. If one finds something utterly repugnant, no matter how small the reason, then it follows that he or she has every right to reject it blasely. I find pot smoke utterly repugnant to smell, and I furthermore find the ability to think at a high level an orgiastic feeling, so why would I ever indulge in smoking pot or being around others smoking pot?

Now, the worst result of this worldwide derision of closemindedness is a gross spawning of conformity. I would rather save my thoughts on conformity for later, so I will suffice it to say that conformity, which I would define as doing something because someone else (or many others, usually) do something without any real thought or inclination that one will like it, is the greatest worthlessness that there is in humanity, yet humanity insists that one must try out anything at least once, and peers insist one must try out anything regardless because they demand so. This is rubbish and creates insipid human beings.

What I mean to declare with both these arguments against laziness and closemindedness and conformity in accepting repugnance is that there is true worthlessness in this world, whether in humans or objects, at the very least pertaining to how one receives these objects and humans (also I am classifying all other non-human living beings as objects; they hardly think, so it is basically the same to me, although I know some might ridicule this assertion, and it is just an aside). If a human being's entire personality is crafted out of conformist ideals, and if he or she is furthermore grossly fat and speaks at the level of a third grader (ignoring children as I hate children and have no reason to care about them), then they are a worthless human being as presently existing, and one ought to utterly dissociate oneself from that person. Furthermore, many objects are worthless due to laziness. Paint splattered on a canvas repeatedly is utterly worthless, no matter what convoluted explanation the artist comes up with to assign it worth. A song that is just one note is asinine trash that ought to be ridiculed.

These are, of course, not the only reasons that persons or objects are to be dismissed, and it is hard to so summarily dismiss something, as, especially pertaining to humans, a state of existence is often very much so more complex than we at first glance can perceive it to be. I also ought to say that laziness is not any lack of activity or anything such as that; I try harder than anyone to be active at all times, and even I find myself lapsing into inanity at times just from the sheer impossibility of trying to achieve this.

Next time I will probably talk about the absurd relations of hair with masculinity or femininity and homosexuality, since those two are kind of related.


Vineon said...

That's a good read.

I know you a little and I think you are too trigger happy to highlight some popular behaviors as conformism sometimes in your attempt to always be different. I don't think you could live with yourself being too similar to the mass.

But anti-conformism isn't any better, it is probably worse.

Rampant said...

I think you are confusing the issue of me being eager to be extreme in all matters possible with being 'trigger happy' here. I merely view conformity and nonconformity in very explicit terms, and that is why that would need a very long and dedicated explanation of my views particularly pertinent to conformity.

Furthermore, I never attempt to be different. I live as I please as much as I possibly can, and that is most of the time. I could not care less about any particular things I happen to be similar to the masses in (liking sports, for instance), as I have my own reasons independent of anyone else for doing those things.

Anti-conformism is not better nor worse, it is another poison in a different encapsulation.