Friday, September 26, 2008

More Politics

It is incredible that John McCain and Sarah Palin are both willing to demonstrate repeatedly, while having to pretend to be experts on the subjects, that they know far too little about both Russia or the Middle East. I am not asking them to be actual experts, but for John McCain to say stuff (and I am not really sure what point he was going for at all) that they were 'ready' for perestroika and glasnost under Gorbachev is so utterly absurd. If he is going to make up lies, at least just go with good old anti-Putin 'communist spectre' era arguments instead of trying to make something up on the fly with a biased and incorrect view. Gorbachev sprung perestroika and glasnost with no safeguards and no preparation for the short-term pain they would intimate, and no one really expected reform at this point either, and so on and so forth.

Then there is Palin, with the video of the year . Every single aspect of this amazing, but the best is probably how when she makes the Putin rearing his head comment she actual motions and looks upward to evoke imagery of, I guess, Putin rearing his head and planes flying in or something? Then she states so matter-of-factly that we are all idiots for not getting that, duh, of course it lends her foreign policy experience that some trade might come through Alaska. We have to protect ourselves from trading with Russia and encouraging them to be an ally!

McCain and Palin both ignore basic facts about the Middle East, and I am not even going to bother because they are merely catering to the typical evil Arab, super special awesome friend Israelis point of view.

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