Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miracles and Predetermination

My favorite part of religion is the debate, and often ignorance of the contradiction, of miracles versus predetermination. A miracle should not be noteworthy at all because it ought to be entirely reasonable, even without fate involved, because God/gods/whomever is causing it to occur! It should, by that logic, be worthy of praise, but not of wonder, although this could be debated I suppose. However, if one brings predetermination into the picture, then it is not a wonder or marvel at ALL. It may be an act of God/gods/whomever, but it was absolutely guaranteed for all of eternity to happen at this point in time and it is not noteworthy at all. I do not know that anyone will care about this little post at all, but I just wanted to share my justification for not caring about the 'miracles' that supposedly occur at all.

Also, I want to say, random shit happens with the body. When a guy 'miraculously' recovers from a disease, I am not at all going to be going out on a limb to say it is just some random shit. My hands have this strange disease where my skin layers on my hand apparently are separating slightly...or something, I did not really understand the explanation, but the only time it is noticeable is in water, when my entire hands' surface (touch side) becomes inexplicably shriveled (like fingers normally do, but in five minutes and all over). This is, by TYPICAL DEFINITION, actually quite miraculous when you apply the way people view good occurrences as miraculous (which I will deconstruct in a moment)! Guess what folks, it is my body randomly fucking up. This normally is supposedly caused by excessive sweating, and my hands actually sweat less than a normal human's. This miraculously terrible occurrence is not miraculous in any way, it is just a random problem that my body had randomly happen. If it went away without treatment, it would not be a miracle, it would be another random thing that just happened to be good instead of bad. It is folly for people to view only the good as miraculous, which is what most nice little conformist sheep think like.

This is not really related to any of the former content, as it is almost a separate rant, but people who believe in fate are incredibly imbecilic. The concept of fate must be taken to its extreme necessarily (which most people neglect, treating only major occurrences as fate). This means that every single aspect of your life is meant to occur exactly in the way it turns out, which is insane. Is it really fate that I use one word instead of another? If I use the word commensurate instead of same, then some 'force' actually compelled me to do so? I decided not to eat Free Birds tonight because my legs started to hurt, not because of fate! My legs started to hurt because I ran. I ran longer than I meant to because I got really excited from adrenaline, and that is why they hurt now. If you really believe in this necessary extreme of fate, then you are insane and may as well just start believing in nihilism.

Now, there is a more reasonable approach to fate, which is to say that there are 'branches of paths' that can occur from individual actions, but that is just asininity, and the word fate here is now a generic term meant to entail the vagaries of our lives causing life to turn out how it does, which is to say that we decide to do something and it effects either ourselves or others and that has some other effect, which is just how life works, so calling it fate is imbecilic. Now the actual application for this is to say that 'it does not matter what you do, it will have minor changes in individual lives, but we will still end up invading Iraq' or whatever, but this is just a silly attempt at intermingling free will with the more extreme concept of fate, which is silly. If you believe in fate, then you believe six million Jews and five million gypsies, homosexuals, et cetera died because of some grand scheme that also controls your life, so enjoy.

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