Sunday, September 21, 2008


Lying is condemned as immoral and as nothing but destructive, but this is a farce if anything. There are many lies that improve one's lot in life so long as he or she is able to keep the facade going, or rather if the lie is credible and there is no danger of it being exposed. There are a few basic types of lies, and I will examine why each is good or bad.

The worst type of lie is certainly a 'white lie'. The reason for this type of lie is supposedly to spare another person's feelings, but that means that all one is trying to do is cater to that person's weakness, which is utterly terrible. Furthermore, it also caters to the liar's weakness in either not being able to overcome a 'sadness' or whatever in telling the truth in hurting someone or a weakness in being unable to convey it without causing excessive hurt by telling the truth. Furthermore, these people who are being lied to often need to know the truth.

Now, liars who feel guilt over their lies are fucking charlatans (I will get into why guilt is an improper emotion later on, but emotions are a very complex subject to address). If one is going to do something that he or she considers bad, then have the strength to not feel negativity toward yourself over it, or understand why it is not bad.

Indeed, lies that are to reward yourself, to protect your position in life, to spare yoruself trouble, are all probably a good idea, and improve one's chances of keeping situations pleasant or improving one's lot in life in general. It is fairly evident that well thought out and well backed up lying is a strength!

One more type of liar that is horrendous is the type that lies, but pretends to have a higher sense of morality elsewhere. Certainly, lies are among the worse 'sins' if one constructs a vain moral code for oneself. It is hypocritical cowardice to condemn others for other faults if one lies at all.

The reason that I do not lie at all is because it takes a greater strength. While this actually hurts me more than lying would, it takes a greater strength within myself to do this! I am not interested in improving my lot in life by chicanery or outright prevarication. It is undoubtedly hard to never lie, and one must genuinely have good will toward everything or be very intelligent to do so. I certainly do not have good will toward many aspects of life at all (as I like and hate everything almost equally), so in my case, I find it a great fun to never lie. It has nothing to do with morality or a sense of right and wrong, and making the emphasis as those two moral constraints is folly.

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